FREE DOWNLOAD   New daytime track for free download at soundcloud 🙂 Enjoy the summer Search for: Recent Posts FREE DOWNLOAD TRACK:”JUST FUCKING RECORD THAT SHIT” 175Bpm New Parandroid Demo released on Soundcloud The Dawn of Man – Before the...
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The Dawn of Man – Before the Singularity (Video Release)

facebook Follow Very experimental track with various Bpms. Parandroid is the Psychedlic Trance project by Samuel Z. from Berlin ,germany . Born in 1987 the multi-faceted artist who grew up in several different countries , had his first mind blowing experiences with...
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REVIEW:Fab filter Pro Q 2

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New Beginner Tutorial:First steps in Cubase

facebook Youtube WEB: Facebook:… This is aimed at people with not so much knowledge about music production.I explain the first steps.I show you how to create instrument channels , adjust volume...
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NEW RELEASE:Parandroid Pain 184Bpm

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