One of my favorite gadjets ever

The DJI Mavic Pro is the most powerfull tech toy in 2017.


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Gorgeous Design

The DJI Mavic is absolutely gorgeous!The elegant yet minimalistic design of the Mavic is not a blender.Form follows function.Everything makes sense and nothing is too much or to little.

No longer do you have to spend 3000 Bucks to make great aerials and no longer will you have to carry a enormeous carry case with you!the mavic means business.

It is the wet dream of any camera or technology nerd .




Amazing cababilities

Even just listening to the mavics main features makes my mouth watery.739g weight , 7 KM range and a top seped of 40 miles and hour.

It also sports the new Ocusync technology with crystal clear downstream in 1080p and gives you video and photo download at up to 40mb/s.

High end technology of the newest generation

the mavic came out early 2017 and it really feels like it!

No compromises have been made and it`s the next huge leap done by DJI in the drone market.By making it accessible to most people they pushed brand new , state of the art technology to the end consumer.

All this amazing stuff for only 999$ or 1199€

After using my mavic for 2 month straight i can tell you that this is a steal for what you get.

The mavic features a lot of things that where unthinkable for a drone below 3000€ only a few years ago.You have visual sensor to make flying safer, the new Ocusyn technology lets you fly 7Km far away and has a wopping 1080p absolute flawless Downstream!

It`s not my first drone but maybe the first one i truly fell in love with.

its simply a technological marvel.

The Mavic Pro

  • Portable yet powerful, the Mavic Pro is your personal drone, ready to go with you everywhere.
  • This package includes:
  • 1XIntelligent Flight Battery
  • 1XMavic pro
  • 1XRadio
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Mavic pro Fly More combo

The definitive package for enthusiasts
  • The Fly more combo has the Base unit(Mavic/Controller/Flight battery)
  • Plus:
  • Two Extra Batteries
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Car Charge
  • Props
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The Dji Mavic Pro is the drone of the year 2017

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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