Deep Psychedelic Atmosphere modeling on the VIRUS TI Synth (New EP:UNIO MYSTICA)

Currently, I am working on a new Experimental EP called Unio Mystika. Unio Mystika reflects on deep holistic experiences with psychedelics and is marked by extreme experimental Entheogenic atmospheres. This time the bass follows the sounds, not the other way around. I...

New Mix+New Track Upload: Parandroid@Camakavum Festival 2019 + Star Gaze Luminosity [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I finally decided to make a Mixcloud account and uploaded my Live Set from Camakavum Festival for you guys. I will upload more mixes soon so follow me there to get them right when they drop.

10 Pics from my very first time Goa

By now, I know Goa quite well. But there was a time when this place was completely new to me. This time was back in 2013 during my first Multi-City Parandroid India Tour. Here some impressions for you.

Parandroid feat. Mozart – DIES IRAE

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PARANDROID Project Update September 2019

September has been quite the ride with multiple Fantastic Gigs. Here is a little update on what is cooking at the moment. Book One of the things I am working tremendously hard on at the moment is my Book "A LIFE IN TRANCE" (working title) which will cover my whole...

Parandroid on Tour: Impressions from the last weeks

The last 2 weeks have been an awesome ride. First, a hefty booking on the hidden Gem Insomnia Festival followed up by Systematic Error in Southern Germany. Here some impressions from my trip. A special connection Portugal has a special place in my heart. When I was...