New Parandroid Track Preview


I just released a new Track Demo on Soundcloud 🙂

The track is called “Hippy Flavor and is originally from 2016.I gave it a nice facelift and added some chords and melodic structures in the second half!This is the webpreview exported directly from my DAW,

Enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂


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The Story of Mahsa Amini – About the situation in Iran

Something the world pays way too little attention to. This is the story of Mahsa Amini.

THE SUBSTANCE is out now!

THE SUBSTANCE THE SUBSTANCE Lsd 25 or as most of my friends call it, Acid, is a very peculiar substance discovered by the Scientist Albert Hofmann in 1943.And our world would not be the same without it.After at first being reserved for Academics, Artists and...

Psy Adventures – Bangalore Calling VLOG

Bangalore, South India, Travel Vlog This is the PSY ADVENTURES series by Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid. It gives you an insight into the journeys of my life. The footage was recorded in 2019. this is the arrival in Bangalore and the first time I meet the Dikkapaal...

Advanced Users | Mark about DMT – Audio&Visuals

DMT - The Spirit Molecule This is a recording I did during my first visit to Nepal in April 2019 when I was booked there for an event near Pokhara. Mark was one of the people that I got to know there. He is one of the most knowledgable...

Parandroid Project Update September 2022

It's time for an update about the project. Here you will find info about some things I am currently busy with.   New Music There are several awesome releases in the pipeline. Here is a quick overview. (This is the current plan which might be subject to changes)...

Eric Andre – The TV show that is like a Salvia Trip

ERIC ANDRE - The American Meta-Comedy Prodigy that changed comedy forever Eric Andre is the wildest thing that ever happened to American Comedy. This is the meta-level of comedy. Perverted, uncompromising, sometimes shocking, but always utterly fun! Many people in...


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