This is my first VLOG 😀
I hope that i can release vlogs as much as possible in order to let the people that are interested in the Parandroid project can stay up to date to my releases , projects , gigs and anything else important to the project of Parandroid.


Release announcement: PARANDROID – CHECK THIS

Parandroid stands for top-notch psychedelic dance floor experiences for more than 14 years – he had tours on 5 continents and played on many major and underground events such as Universo Paralello, Noise Poison Festival, Indian Spirit, Maya festival, Atman Festival to count just a few. Following his acclaimed double album release “The Dawn of Man” this is yet another fresh approach by the famed German artist and composer.

New Platform by Parandroid: AUDIONERDZ

Audionerdz is a brand new platform by the well-known German music producer and entrepreneur Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid. The platform has two main goals: Enriching the musical landscape with high-quality workshops, webinars, and more helpful tools that helps...

Parandroid INDIA Vlog – Fun Galore in Bangalore

Fun Galore in Bangalore -  An Artist`s Vlog Previously unreleased Vlog about one of my many tours through India (and this time Nepal) Join me on my trip to Bangalore, where I meet up with Metaforik, play on an event, and ride bikes for fun!

Parandroid Mixing Course Released

The ultimate course about Mixing Melodic Hitech Psytrance Introduction to the Mixing Masterclass by Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid What You will learn in this course: You will learn how to make your mix sound balanced and professional. We will take a mixed track by...

Mega Man X2 Is out now – NEW RELEASE

Parandroid - Mega Man X2 This highly requested track is out now on

Requiem for a Dream – Free Download

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Reacting to Fake DJs – When Djing goes wrong

When DJing goes wrong - Reacting to fake DJs Alphy Psyche and Parandroid reacting to the worst Fake DJs everShort Version:Long Version

Psychedelic Web Adventures – Have a Good Trip | REACTION

Psy Web Adventures II - Have a good Trip In the Psychedelic Web Adventures I go out in the wild to experience Psychedelic content like Youtube videos, movies and other stuff. This Episode is about the Netflx "Documentary" have a good trip. They ask "Stars" about their...

FREE RELEASE: Parandroid – Requiem for a Dream and more

PARANDROID - REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Parandroid`s newest melodic Hitech Trance Free Release I decided to give this Track out for FREE! You can get the New Track by Parandroid here:


Boom 2006 was probably one of the most important experiences of my life. But this was not only like that for me. Many in the Psytrance community herald this special Boom edition as the pinnacle of Psychedelic Trance Culture. Recently I went back into my own history...