The artwork:

When i was of young age i had a key experience in my human development.This key inspirational experience was induced through a multitude of psychedelic substances at a fairly high dosage.I try to give you an idea of what happened to me during this moment of illumination:

We where in Northern Africa to celebrate the ending of a intense Festival Summer.Thousands of freaks from all over the world where joining us.We came from Boom Festival 2006 and Utopia.

One of the most mindblowing adventures of my life:Boom Festival 2006 in Portugal








The Rythms of Piece festival Was held on a beautiful beach in northern Marocco.


The last night of the festival was coming.You could feel how people relize that this is the final showdown of an absolutely incredeble summer full of groundbreaking shit going down in the psytrance scene and that everybody was getting ready for the final ride of the summer.

And this is where one of my most important experiences happened.

I was sitting down and watched the Dancefloor.The night was over and the sun was rising.In the night before Naked Tourist was playing and the trip was intense.The mood changed from deep and atmospheric to more uplifting energy.

I saw the people and the nature and everything in front of me during a peak moment of the trip.Then i closed my eyes.I saw the energy of the people and of the nature in my inner eye.During that moment some kind of entity was entering my brain.I know call it “the angel of Illumination” .

This was a peak moment in my life of self transformation.

I realized what my duty is on this planet.I was here to create.

After the trip i did this sketch and painting:

artwork by Samuel Zimmermann













Those artworks try to describe what happened to me and they servem as main inspiration for the Album Artwork.The artwork will be done with the help of a Painter named Felix Waldherr.I will colaborate with him to get it as close to my Vision as possible.

The Dawn of Man is the first Studio Album by Parandroid and will feature over 2 Hours of unreleased Music.The Album will be released Digitally as well as a Limited physical release on custom USB Drive including the artwork and some more goodies.The Album is scheduled to be released Winter 2017.For now i aim for 10.11.2017 as a release date.The final release date will be confirmed as soon as the artwork is ready,