The Dawn of man is by far the biggest musical project i ever attempted to tackle during my time as a musician.

Here some infos about the Album(All information given is subject to changes):

  • more then 2H of unreleased music
  • Released Digitally on Multiple plattforms
  • There will be a boxed Limited Edition Custom 2GB USB stick With artwork and more
  • The Bpm Range is 150-240Bpm

As musician i allways tried to try out new things.I am very open minded , so my inspiration is manyfold.It`s not a typical “high tech” release.The true aim for this release is to provide a exciting psychedelic journey that leads the listeners to all corners of the spectrum of human sensation.

The Vision of the Dawn of Man is to present sublime high class Sound for you to experience on psychedelic substances like LSD , Mushrooms and DMT and aims to provide a serene trance dance experience.One majopr goal is also to deliver a pure and untainted message of Love and enlightenment.


Behind the Artwork of the Dawn of Man


Also stay tuned to my Soundcloud in the upcoming days!You will find frequent uploads there in the upcoming days!


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