The Parandroid Labs

During my time as a producer, I had many studios in many different places. Currently, my Studio is situated in Leipzig, Germany.

A studio is more than just a room. For an artist, it is the place where the magic happens. It`s also a place where I spent a tremendous amount of time. I always saw my studio as my “temple of sound”. I am a rather purist character, so over the last years, my setup barely changed.

I will go through the different parts of my setup now.


The main System

Mainboard: Asrock Fatality X99X Killer

CPU: Intel I7 5820K Hexacore @4.2Ghz


Hard drives:250GB Samsung EVO,

Plus 7 Terabyte HDDs


As I mentioned, I am a purist. I Love to work with a small set of high-grade products instead of 10 000 plugins that i do not really know or use. My main Synth over the years has been the Virus Ti 2 by Access. I bought it roughly ten years ago and used it many thousands of hours. Many of my most favorited tracks have been made almost exclusively with this machine.

synthesizer access music producing stage synth hardwareDespite having another Soundcard at hand I also currently use the virus as my Soundcard and as an Effect processor.

Apart from the Virus, I also sometimes use my old but gold Clavia Nord G1 Modular. This is a modular virtual analog machine that gives you an almost infinite amount of possibilities. This thing is like having a garage full of modules to play around with. The thing is from 1997 and you do not have a USB to integrate it. Instead, you have to integrate it with at least 2 Midi cables. It has the incredible warmth of Clavia synths and some argue that they like the timbre of the G1 more then the sound of its follow up: The g2 Modular.

I love to use it together with the Virus. In this case, i send the Output of my G1 into the Virus in order to manipulate it with the extended palette of possibilities a Virus Ti has to offer.


Midi Controller

As a Midi Controller, I am using the 25SL MkII by Novation. This thing has a ton of features like touch sensible knobs amidi controlöle rnovation 25sl mkII nd a display that will show all parameters that are connected to the buttons that you are currently using. Despite its many fancy offerings I almost exclusively use it to Play notes on Synthesizers. pretty expensive Controller to do that.



The Speakers

ThDynaudio bm5 Mkii active studio speakerse Speakers I use are the Dynaudio BM5 MkII. Dynaudio differs from a lot of other companies in regards to build quality. Instead of having their drivers produced in China they produce the drivers in Europe and some of the workers there are working there for as long as 30 Years. This quality really shows in my opinion. Wich pair of Speakers you use to produce music will always be a personal choice. More than the speakers, your room acoustics matter. You can have a pair of 30 000 $ Speakers but in an untreated room they probably still will sound pretty bad.



As a Live act, my Laptop is more than just a mere machine. It has to be Powerful and reliable and in my opinion powerful enough to give you some entertainment on the go if you like too. My Choice was the MSI Ge60 based on an I7 4720, 250GB SSD by Samsung and a GTX860 from Nvidia. This makes it a fantastic entertainment system and at the same time a real working machine that is easily capable of doing Jobs like movie editing in Adobe Premiere or Plays some video games in a lonely hotel room.


Acoustical treatment

One very important aspect of a studio is its acoustical treatment. The baseline of the treatment are two huge bass traps that fill out the two corners behind my listening position. I also have a big panel just behind my working place and 4 Big side Panels as well. In between the Spaces as well as above and under the side panels there are several patchworked studio acoustical treatment measurement parandroid trance hightech psytrance edm foam panels.The room floor is a carpet to further absorb reflections. It isn`t perfect, but I am well used to this working environment and it provides a pretty linear frequency response that enables me to mix, master and produce in this studio.




I use the DT880 Pro from Beyerdynamic. I love this brand for many years and I bought my pair 2012 in San Francisco and they lasted me 5 years in which they traveled to around 30 countries with me. Very reliable headphones that also have a more than fair price point for what they are.

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