Da budet is a mindblowing masterpiece of an Album.Psykovskys second Album after his Debut.I personally recomend 200microgramms for that one.Not many albums are so untouchable and so sublime.The Sound seems to have been there forever .Long before humanity even existed.This was the moment when Psykovsky became a true legend.

by the way:This album currently is beeing sold for 350€ on amazon.just sayin.


Orestis first full length studio Album was allmost an instant classic among lovers of deep psychedelic trance.He is very strong nartively , meaning that he has a story to tell.Recursive consiousness is a blast to listen , to dance or to trip to.Winner


Back in the day Highcosmos was one of the most explosive combination of artistic force in the scene.Both of the artists behind have left a mark on the scene and many argue that these two basically defined what we call high tech psytrance today.Masterpiece!


Cosmo was just little over 20 years old when he wrote one of the most groundbreaking Albums in the History of Psytrance.Back in the day you had different schools of underground psytrance.The greek school with its deep and atmospheric acid structures , The russian school dominated by acts like Terminator , KDD and some few others and you had Israeli Melodic psytrance with strong tendency towards the commercial side of things.Then this came.And it was mathematical ,extremely intelligent and most importantly new.It didn`t fit anywhere but was so outstandingly made that it allmost immidiately got recognition of the real acid heads in the scene.The bpm range was 150-160(so in other words the same what you would regard as 200+ today).This album paved the way for Cosmos worldwide success.


Kindzadza is special.And this album is a manifest to exactly that fact.Every track compliments the next one and alltho this guy is literally the King of Atonality.It is also a perfect follow up  to his first album Waves from outer Space!Kindzadzas siganture is dominated by deconstruktive ideas and artistic freedom.An allmost perfect Release