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A Lovechild from the Mavic and Spark

Once more the DJI family has a new member. The DJI Mavic Air. This drone is clearly aimed to fill the gap between the Dji Spark and the DJI Mavic Pro. This Lovechild between a spark and a Mavic shoots brilliant stabilized 4K video while not being much bigger than a smartphone.

The features of the Mavic Air

  • 32 MP Sphere Panoramas
  • 12MP Stills
  • Foldable & Portable
  • 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera
  • 3-Directional Environment Sensing
  • SmartCapture(gesture mode)
  • 21-Minute Flight Time

Compared to the Mavic Pros 27 minute the Mavic Air holds itself 21 minutes in the sky. That is a decent flight time and the size of the batteries makes it quite easy to take some extra Akkus with you anytime. The Mavic Air shoots 4K Video with 100mbit per second which is a very nice improvement over the Mavic Pro`s 60mbit. Also, the fps has been raised from 30fps@4k to 60fps@4K for super slow motion effects. The Mavic Air houses a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, with its angular vibration range reduced to 0.005°. Set in a triangular formation, gimbal dampeners help create even steadier shots. That is all extremely impressive especially regarding the size and price of this thing. You can get the Mavic Air for only 799. Quite the steal for a 4K stabilized camera drone if you ask me.



As tall and wide as a smartphone when folded, the Mavic Air is an ultraportable drone that stretches the boundaries of what’s possible for a device its size.