Did you ever think about the fact that a cellphone basically enables “cyber telepathy”? All of the technological devices that we are used to (in some cases since many hundred years) are enhancing or changing the human experience in a profound way. Did you ever think about what technology really means to humankind? human next level cyber prothese

Where the journey leads

Look where we are coming from. The stone wedge to the nanocomputer.Did you ever think about the fact that we are already permanently living in the virtual world? You might right now just be sitting on a train on the way to somewhere. And in this train, there are hundreds of human drones that are all connected to the hive. They might just be appearing to sit next to you but as a matter of fact, only their physical selves is sitting there. Most of their tunnel-reality is aimed at a small device. The so-called smartphone. By this device, this person is constantly connected to over 3.2 billion living souls all around this marvelous blue planet. He might appear to sit next to you but in fact, he is not.

The impending Technocalypse will come. Already today year after year new technology is shaping and shapeshifting our reality to something that we are frankly unfamiliar with. The next step in human evolution is coming and only a fool would think that there is any way to evade our impending faith.

The Foreseeable Future

Think 20 years from now. Then think 50 years from now. Let your imagination go wild. What do you see? The transfer of information gets faster and faster day by day. Machines will take over that is not a crazy theory. It is evident. Technological implants to augment the human body are already a reality today. But how will handle this in the future? In the already extremely competitive job market today human body augments will inevitably make us a slave to the machines. In order to stay competitive humans will have to augment their bodies. Technological augmented people will be able to think faster, see longer distances, focus for endured periods of time or will have superhuman stamina. And those people who do not, just simply won’t be able to compete with augmented people.

I know this sound like it was straight ripped out of video game or sci-fi novel, but a  matter of fact it`s just the inevitable conclusion of what will happen in the next 100 years and beyond. At least for me.

It is happening right here – right now


To be continued


by Parandroid