With a bucket of Tahini to Eureka

And we`re going to San Francisco! This is a story out of the very beginning years of my Project. In 2012 my colleague Jak Le Druide and I decided to go to the States. It was a very exciting time for me. My project gained momentum and slowly became more known internationally. I also got signed into Noise Poison Records during that time.

Exciting times in the new world

Jak and I just played our first live set on the NOISE POISON FESTIVAL 2012 and Peter Kubala showed great interest in our work. Back then, we founded the Label FANTAZY RECORDS and for the first year of the Label, I was an integral part of the Label. Apart from my travel endeavors, I managed some bookings for myself in Mexico and also one in San Francisco where I stayed 2 months.

The party where I played was called “SYNCHRONICITY”. But this was by far not the  most exciting thing that I experienced over there. Luckily Egnogra from Akashik Records managed a home for the time I was there. I stayed in South San Francisco in Mission district. the house where I stayed was a true marvel. Every day new International guests, the best smoke that I have ever seen in my entire life. awesome food and great conversations every day. I loved San Francisco. Since I was there it is a part of me and it doesn`t go away.

Aviram, the vagabond

Apart from my adventures in the City, I made a great new Friend called Aviram. He was the first true Vagabond I met in my Life. If you think Vagabond like a Homeless person you are sorely mistaken.Aviram was about 165cm tall, had brown long hair and a constant smile on his face. When you looked into his face you could see honesty, truthfulness, freedom, and passion. He is a one of a Kind light warrior. Wherever he was, he always enriched his surroundings with his happiness and friendliness. He taught me that you don`t need a single penny in your pocket to live like a prince. This guy was actually quite the genius. He lived the best Life. Just without money. Wherever he came people welcomed him with open arms. He cooked, cleaned and was the general entertainer. I spent a lot of time with him and two Swedish girls. We spent our time enjoying San Francisco. We went to parties, Bars, and Museums together during the time we didn`t work. One day he came and told me that he travels to northern California and asked if I want to join. Since I hadn`t much to do at the time, I immediately said yes.

Hitchhiking for Pros: Don`t forget the Tahina

We hitchhiked north with a bucket full of Tahina. Since I never really hitchhiked in my life before he told me that he is going to teach me how this works and the huge 20KG bucket of Tahina was an integral part of his plan. We bought the Tahini near our house in Mission district. He said you need something to make people curious and that he once successfully traveled half of China and Mongolia with a head of a cow tied to his back(China and Mongolia are not places where you can easily hitchhike by the way). The trick is he said, to make people curious to figure out the story behind you.

From Golden Gate Bridge to Eureka

We were standing at Golden Gate Bridge I remember him telling me how hard it will be for us to get up to Eureka.I prepared myself for a long exhausting journey. Approximately 20-30 minutes after that a white BMW convertible with a young woman from Florida inside stopped next to us. She saw us, traversed the entirety of the Golden Gate Bridge but then decided to drive all the way back to pick us up.She was on her way to a microbrewery and she decided to invite us to drink with her. There was chocolate beer, cappuccino flavored beer and all kinds of other abominations. We explained who we are and what we do in California. We drank quite a few beers. Aviram and I have been prepared to go on hitchhiking after our first stop. Surprisingly, she did not want to depart. She decided to bring us to Eureka. On the way, we visited the amazing Californian Redwoods. This woman traveled three days through northern California with us, invited us to countless bars and even paid the hotel for us. I visited the Redwoods.


Thinking on this journey gives me shivers going down my back. I am so thankful for this experience.