After ten years of writing Music and traveling, I realized that you sit a lot as a Music Producer. Not only in the studio, you actually sit a lot in many places. Sooner or later, almost anyone who really needs to sit in front of their PC will get acquainted with their spine. This time it should definitely not be a cheap 50 € chair but instead something more sophisticated. And it was worth it.


Build quality

The first thing I noticed while I unboxed the chair was the good build quality of the components. It is clear that the polish company really cares about the quality of workmanship of the components. Setting up the chair was straightforward, easy to understand and took me around 10 minutes. Fortunately, my model is completely black and doesn`t look gamy to the slightest as soon as you remove the horn-shaped neck pillow of the Diablo X-Horn. The Diablo X-Horn chair has a really amazing build quality for the sub 200 bucks pricepoint. This first impression didn`t change after using the chair for more than a month now. I checked out several different models like the DX Racer and the Ficmax Chair lately so I have felt confident to judge the quality of chairs. And this one really can easily compete with the DX Racer when it comes to quality and Design.

Studio Upgrade: The X-Horn Chair by DiabloThe Design

I got the black chair for this review and, as expected, it fits in well with the aesthetics of my studio. I am not a big fan of things that look too “gamy”. Instead, I personally prefer a more understated design. The X-Horn is an amazing mixture of minimalism and style. Appart from the detachable horn-shaped neck pillow I love the design of the X-Horn through and trough. The only small downside of the chair is the aforementioned neck pillow. If the pillow is attached to the chair it is about as high as my shoulders. The short strap on the neck pillow does not allow flexible placement so if it is not at the right height in your case you have to use the chair without that neck pillow. Fortunately, the chair is still amazingly comfy so that is no big deal. In my estimation, the X-Horn looks much better without the Horn shaped accessory anyway. The design is one of the strong points of this chair. The only thing which really bothered me was the neck pillow placement.


X-Horn Review by ParandroidThe backrest is adjustable, unfortunately, the chair is not very stable with fully reclined backrest. Other than that you pretty much get anything that you can expect from a gaming chair in that price category. The armrest is adjustable in height but doesn`t offer 4D adjustability or any other advanced features. The lumbar and neck pillow is detachable. The Diablo X-Horn gaming chair is definitely not built for tall people. The Pillow placement makes this very clear. I have no problem sitting on the chair with my size of 196cm but I would rather remind this chair to people below 190cm. 


The X-Horn from Diablo is a damn fine gaming chair. Two things stand out especially: The build quality and the Design. The black edition of the X-Horn is so stylish yet understated. After more than one full month of use, I also can state unequivocally that this is an awesome addition to my Studio. Apart from the Neck Pillow I love the X-Horn a lot and could not imagine my studio without it. It`s a great choice for a studio chair, but obviously also a great choice for any gaming setup. The price current price point of the Diablo X-Horn makes it a steal on top of that. It can easily compete with chairs that are way priced way higher. Especially after months of use, I appreciate the superior build quality of the chair compared to similarly priced chairs like the Ficmax Gaming Chair.

A big thank you goes out to Diablo Chairs for providing this chair for Review.

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