What is XIII Monkeys?

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XIII Monkeys is one of my new musical birthings. I started it a couple of years ago shortly after hanging out with Orestis for two weeks in Brazil during Universo Paralello and after. I love the style that I did for the past 8 years or so but I really had some new things that I wanted to put out that not necessarily fit well into Parandroid.

What is the difference in comparison to Parandroid?

The XIII MONKEYS project relies much more on improvisation and consists mostly of a lot of lengthy improvised recordings made with various Synthesizers. The next big difference is certainly the Bpm range. Parandroid has no boundaries in that regard. XIII MONKEYS is settled in the 140-150Bpm area.

What are the next steps for the Project?

parandroid ag antigravityAt the moment I am working a lot on XIII MONKEYS and the project solidifies day by day. I already have a potential Label partner with Blackout Records but Axel and I are concentrated on finally releasing the Parandroid Album with Blackout, and this will be the focus until that is done. I am performing at some events in the upcoming events like for example MAYA ASTROLOGIA  ANCESTRAL in Brazil as well as some smaller events in Europe. The most important thing at the moment is to get the word out about the project since it is not as known as for example Parandroid. Around 1 to 1.5 hours are ready now and I am happy to present them in Brazil soon.

What is your main inspiration for the project?


Photo by www.triphotos.net – @triphotosdigital – @lpx.film

Well, firstly, of course, the psychedelic experience itself. Musically I would like to go to a more open playfield. A lot of subgenres have the tendency to go stale after a while. XIII MONKEYS tries to go somewhat back to the roots of psychedelic trance. I try to achieve a unique soundscape by combining the different sub-styles. Also, I try to keep it artistically pretty open. While it is explicitly psychedelic and relies a lot on Crazy Synthscapes you can find a lot of different influences as for example Zenonesque elements but also more Twilight elements of grooviness. No cheesy stuff here tho. Another longtime inspiration is the classical Greek School of psytrance as well as some of Russias best such as Psykovsky.


Can you describe XIII Monkeys in three words?

Funky, Organic and Psychedelic



Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/fwjsX6

Instagram: https://goo.gl/56Qi2Z

Facebook: https://goo.gl/XtHwQa