I am very pleased to announce that SUBLIQUIDA will create the Album cover art for my Solo Album the “The Dawn of Man”. This Album is years in the making and Black Out Records and I are happy to announce the release date of the Album.

About the Dawn of Man

The dawn of man hints at the transhumanistic state of our world. While technology opens up great possibilities for mankind, it also poses great danger. The Human experience changes rapidly and humanity is steering towards the next Singularity. Will we be able to use technology for the better of mankind or will it destroy what we regard as a human experience?
Our time marks the end of an era. Every end is also at the same time a new dawn.

Subliquida Art

Subliquida Art

About Subliquida:

Andrea Baiardo aka Subliquida is a self-taught artist, entomology maniac, curiosities collector, plants lover, and passionate gardener.
Thanks to his incredibly strong link with every aspect of Natural World, he starts drawing very young, and he let free his wild spirit and vivid imagination neglecting any limit imposed by School and System.
He is based in Berlin since 2011, where he first started focusing on developing his drawing skills, creating intricate and rare pieces of Fine art.

Subliquida Art

Subliquida Art

He has been presented as Visionary Artist in most of the biggest Psychedelic Music and Art
Festivals in Europe, drawing live on big scale hyperdetailed artworks; as well as being showcased in some European peculiar and contemporary Art Galleries, Fairs and Museums.
His style is clearly inspired by the greatest Masters in engraving and etching, matched with a very fluid research in shapes and textures of the greatest artist of all times, Mother Nature, and sincerely stimulated by the psychedelic experience; indeed through his drawings, he can bring out the link between scientific knowledge and expanding consciousness.
Lately, his curiosity pushed him to explore the ancient art of tattooing,
that can give him the opportunity to develop his very fine, illustrative and detailed style and his black lining, etching and dot work technique.

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Album Release Date:


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