During and After my Gig at Universo Paralello in Brazil I had the chances to spend 2 weeks with one of the true psychedelic masterminds of the psychedelic music culture.

Orestis was smart enough to bring two small active speakers and a Virus TI Snow with him, so we had the chance to write an amazing track on a marvelous remote Island called Boipeba.

Orestis and ParandroidThis collaboration was made during our stay there entirely and was written in about 6 days. It features recordings that we made with our cellphones on the beach. I am happy to announce that the track “Seresta Stalone” by Orestis and me will be released soon. CTC from Biomechanikal, who is a mutual friend of both of us got the track for his upcoming VA.

Orestis Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orestismusic.net/
Sonic Loom Webspace: http://www.sonic-loom.com/

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This is shot on the way to the remote island Archipel