When I look back this trip seems like a dream. This is the story of the 15th PARANDROID Asia Tour.



I arrived in Bangalore on April 18th for the FREE EARTH PROMO EVENT by Dikkapaal Records and FREE EARTH FESTIVAL. Yashas aka RUDRA from named label kindly booked me to one of my favorite cities in India. I was in India so many times, and I had countless blissful but also some unpleasant moments during my Trips. This time everything was awesome though.


Planes generally have a sleep-inducing quality to them. As soon as I sit down on my seat, I usually fall asleep very quickly. So I am often super awake once I land in my destination



Once I reached Bangalore airport I was greeted by friendly Bangalorians. We made a quick stop at a closed gas station approximately 10 minutes from the airport to meet a friend with a motorbike. A KTM Duke. Definitely not my favorite bike from KTM but surely a fun ride after 15 hours of airports and flights. A crazy feeling to suddenly sit on a bike after sitting in planes for so long. This was totally unexpected but so much fun! When I arrive in a faraway place I am always super energetic and excited, so this was just the right thing to start my tour. This was the first of many bikes I drove during this tour. I really love motorbikes.


On the way to the organizers home we smoked some and picked up some food. We arrived in the area where the organizer lived. Once we arrived at the doorstep a friendly crowd of friends of the organizer as well as the organizer himself welcomed me with a bright smile and open arms. I was happy to be surrounded by nice people after a long journey from Europe. After some food and conversation, I was brought to my hotel room which was close to the house of the Organizer. I arrived in the nice room that they had booked for me. I dropped my bags on the floor, took a shower and fell asleep enthusiastically awaiting the upcoming adventures ahead of me. I couldn`t have been happier with the treatment that I received during my stay in Bangalore. For the time until the Event, I spend the time roaming around the area on Bikes with friends of the organizers during the day, while going to my hotel room during night time.








The Party

After one day chilling in Bangalore, the first Gig was about to happen. It was the day of the FREE EARTH PROMO party by Dikkapal. Everybody was excited about what was to come, all the people that were involved in the organization were busy coordinating and planning the event. I was getting excited and a little nervous myself now. How many people would there be? I had no idea. After breakfast and coffee, we started our journey out of the giant city toward Nandhi Hills. After around 2 hours drive, we reached the location of the event. I was pleasantly surprised by the size and setup of the system. After a brief inspection of the event location, I got the keys to another KTM Duke. this was my very own bike for the time of the event, so whenever I wanted to go back to the hotel room, I was able to do so. One of the things that are most important to me is my independence.

The event was fortunately held on a spacious outdoor venue. People started to pour into the event location. Everybody was happy that the blast was indeed happening. Among countless new faces, I also met a lot of people that I know from the past and I was so happy to see those old friends again. The night was coming and the sound was getting darker. at around 10 pm the event was full of siling and dancing people. Indian crowds are some of the more outgoing crowds you will encounter as an artist in the world. People are screaming, jumping, praying and so forth. It is a sight to be held. I loved the energy. Amongst the Artist was also Badria, a Turkish legendary Dancer that served a fantastic fire show during my performance. The quality of the event was damn good and people were loosing of happiness in droves. We all had an excellent time together because of the great work of the organization. This was an event that was on par with a lot of Underground events in the EU.


Hitech in Bangalore



I know Bangalore since more than half a decade now. If you travel the world as a musician some places can start to become a sort of like a second home in another world. I do not claim that I know the entirety of Bangalore (to be honest with you, I doubt anyone does) but there are several areas that I know pretty well by know having been there so many times in my life.

And the feeling seems to be mutual. It feels kind of crazy to get recognized by people if you are driving around a city with 8.426 million souls living in it. I had several instances where fans saw me driving through places like Indiranagar and Koramangala that recognized me and stopped next to us to take photos. I was in fancy clubs together with Gafoor and many other friends, got invited to awesome restaurants like the “Brik Oven” where the head chef served me authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza.


I can say without a doubt that I  thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Bangalore this time.

After the event, I shifted to an area in Bangalore called Kammanahalli. As I mentioned, I visited this place countless times, but usually, I stayed near a golf course in a place called Domlur, which is situated right between the fancy areas Indiranagar and Koramangala.

Instead of a Hotel, I stayed in the flat of my good friend Gafoor aka Metaforik. We had tons of fun together. We visited Restaurants, were out in clubs and enjoyed the best Bangalore has to offer together. It was an amazing opportunity to see a different side of Bangalore that I didn`t know yet despite my many visits. I knew Gafoor from my last tour to Goa beginning of 2019.

Kamanahalli is very different from Indira Nagar and. The population there is primarily of Muslim heritage and it can in some cases feel as if you would be in a completely different city if you happen to just come over from Koramangala or MG Road.

After a week of quality time with my friends, it was time to head to Nepal. Nepal is one of those Mystikal places that I always wanted to see. Obviously getting invited there to perform was the greatest honor. When I got invited to the Indian side of the Himalayas I discovered one of my favorite places on this beautiful planet. I am infinitely thankful for those inspiring and magical experiences in my life. This is the fuel that keeps my art growing.


Anxiously, I waited for my Tickets to fly to Nepal. Tours like this are always hard to pull off. I had a really a good feeling about it and ultimately It happened. I received my tickets to Nepal! I was so full of joy to visit a new mystical place. 




Read more about my Trip to Nepal where I played twice and met countless precious beautiful souls.



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