September has been quite the ride with multiple Fantastic Gigs. Here is a little update on what is cooking at the moment.


One of the things I am working tremendously hard on at the moment is my Book “A LIFE IN TRANCE” (working title) which will cover my whole career from the early years until now as well as some parts of my upbringing. I will take you with me on an exciting journey through my most exciting and memorable experiences. I already wrote more than a hundred pages of this book. I will make a separate article explaining more details about the project soon.

New Music

Of course, I also wrote plenty of new Music since I finished my Album “THE DAWN OF MAN”. I have two tracks ready called “THIS IS US” and “PIRE OF LOVE” and plan to release at least one of them until the end of this month. Furthermore, I am working on a Track with Brazilian producer WHIPTONGUE.

New Asia Tour Announced

After my exciting experience in Asia at the beginning of 2019 and after that in April 2019, I can not wait to come back to India coming January. Booking is now open for January and February. For more info, you can use