By now, I know Goa quite well. But there was a time when this place was completely new to me. This time was back in 2013 during my first Multi-City Parandroid India Tour. Here some impressions for you.

parandroid goa

I love dogs. They are my best friends wherever I go 🙂

Ashwem goa

In retrospective, the first Parandroid India tour was a blazing success with four locations toured and some blissful memories for sure.

On the Bridge to Ashwem in Goa. When I arrived in Goa my tour manager just rented a scooter for me assuming I know how to drive those things. This was the very first time I ever rode any kind of motorized bike in my entire life. I instantly loved it. To this day I adore riding bikes, especially Motorbikes.

Arrival in Goa. Back then, my visit to Goa was only very short. Everything was scheduled and Goa was my last visit before I headed back to Europe to play on an event in Turkey.

I was so happy to meet my old buddy Goose, who,m I knew from the time when I lived in Munich. He`s a crazy motherfucker and I love him.

The time when I was in goa was April, so it was not during the season time. It didn`t take very long until I got booked to India again so I had a chance to further indulge in the Goa-Lifestyle.

Ice Cold Beer on the beach 🙂

Cows are everywhere in India. Also on the beaches