In the past weeks, PARANDROID was in the lair to come up with some insane new products for music producers. Here is a list of newly released products for you to check out:


1.Preset Library: Sixty-four Brand new preset patches for the AccessSynth by MUSIC Producer PARANDROID

This is the newest, most organized, and psychedelic preset release by Parandroid. 

Parandroid has more than a decade of experience with the Virus TI Synthesizer and has released numerous acclaimed Presets libraries. Firstly. these presets are properly organized. Secondly, they have soft knob modulations set up and categories attached to them. Therefore working with this Preset Library is a breeze. In this release, you will find anything your psychedelic heart desires. It as well suited for Darkpsy and Forest as it is for contemporary Hitech Trance productions. From Atmos to Drops, Risers, leads, Acid Sounds, Bass Sounds, Drops to hundreds of one-shots, this is one of the most complete preset libraries you can find today. 

It features a new additional way of sorting by implementing a rigid browser structure for all patches. In this release, all patches are easy to find because each group of sounds has a dedicated column. All Leads are in the leads column all Arps in the arp column and so forth. This gives you a much more user-friendly experience for using the presets.

This preset bank by PARANDROID is produced with dedication and care and is made to make your productions reach the next level.

The preset Library Contains:


For musicians without the Acces Virus TI Synthesizer:

We took it upon us to release the full preset library as a sample bank as well this time. So all you guys and gals out there that do not own the Virus TI: We got you covered as well:  You can click here to check out the huge PARANDROID – ACCESS VIRUS TI 2020 SAMPLE BANK. There is also a free Demo version of the sample library available for download.

2. Massive Psychedelic Sample Library

186 High-Quality Samples from the new Signature Virus TI Release by PARANDROID. Includes FX, Risers, Arps, Drops, One-Shots and more Of course in uncompressed lossless WAV Quality

The Samples are sorted into a comprehensive folder structure for maximum ease of use. This is the most complete Sample Library by German Artist and Producer Samuel Zimmermann aka PARANDROID.

Furthermore, samples that are rhythmic or tonal are marked with their respective root note and BPM. This makes using the samples for various projects easy.

This sample library Includes:
  • 18 Arps 
  • 23 Bass Sounds
  • 21 EFX Sounds
  • 21 FM LEADS
  • 26 FM One-Shots
  • 16 Leads
  • 53 Synth and FX One-Shots
  • 6 Uplifter Sounds



COSMO is one of the big innovators of psychedelic music having shaped the contemporary psychedelic dance music culture like few before him.

This preset library will take your production to the next level. Meticulously designed with love and care this preset library gives you unprecedented access to some of the most intense sounds you can find anywhere. Buckle up for a trip through hyperspace leading you directly to Mars. Get ready for Liftoff!

  • Compatible Synthesizer: VIRUS TI, VIRUS SNOW
  • Preset Count: 128

And more stuff is on it`s way. I am currently working on a groundbreaking all encompasing Sample Pack PARANDROID COMPLETE VOL I. So stay tuned for more exciting releases coming up in the next days.


Thank you for reading and your support!