About Audionerdz India

The Future of Audio Learning - Now in India

Audionerdz is a brand new platform by the well-known German music producer and entrepreneur Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid.

The platform has two main goals:

Enriching the musical landscape with high-quality workshops, webinars, and more helpful tools that helps music producers fulfill their full potential.

Secondly, we want to support the Indian community of music producers, content creators, sound designers, and other creators. The best way to support independent creators of course is to pay them money. That will fill their stomach, pay their rents and medical bills and keep their head clear to do what they are supposed to do: Create!


Online Services and on Site Services

Audionerdz offers a wide variety of audio-related services. Here are some of the key services AudioNerdz

  • Learning Videos
  • Mastering Service
  • Mixing Service
  • Soundproofing/Acoustics
  • Production Consultation
  • Presets and Samples for music production


One of the Key philosophies of Audionerdz is to offer our services at a fair and adjusted rate for the Indian market. Audionerdz.in products and services can exclusively be bought by Indians.

Many of our products are also available on our mother company’s website Instinct-learning.com. You will find the same assortment of high-class audio products with adjusted rates for the Indian market.


We hand-picked our pristine property in the Himalayas for a good reason. To do Workshops. We believe workshops are an excellent way of bringing the community of music producers and other creatives together. Our workshop includes full catering and accommodation. 



On-site courses

We also offer limited Long Term On-Site courses with PARANDROID aka Samuel Zimmermann and other Artists.


About Instinct Learning and Audionerdz

Instinct Learning was one of the first learning institutes specializing in Psychedelic Music Productions globally. The project kicked off its existence in 2014 hosting two successful international workshops with more than 30 producers from all corners of the EU. Among them are names like “KOPOPHOBIA” which raised to fame after the successful completion of the second Instinct Workshop. After the inception of the project, IL grew in size and scope by acquiring new talents for the project. Among the contributors are legendary producers such as Yuri Dimitrov aka Yatzee, Nimai Pujara aka APOLLYON, and Brazilian Artist ALIEN CHAOS, to just name a few. Furthermore, the project now went fully digital opening its website instinct-learning.com shortly after.

Since its inception, IL has trained more than 400 students worldwide.


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Connect with some of the Industries Veterans and like-minded music producers like yourself surrounded by the stunning nature of Parvati Valley.

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