Parandroid – Check This

Parandroid is back with another state-of-the-art Hitech Psytrance Track. Check this is a furious mixture of groove and power that combines rhythmic vocal work with the signature futuristic sound design Parandroid is known for.

Parandroid stands for top-notch psychedelic dance floor experiences for more than 14 years – he had tours on 5 continents and played on many major and underground events such as Universo Paralello, Noise Poison Festival, Indian Spirit, Maya festival, Atman Festival to count just a few. Following his acclaimed double album release “The Dawn of Man” this is yet another fresh approach by the famed German artist and composer.

The track is now available on the Parandroid Bandcamp page and here in our online shop. The track will also be released soon Spotify and other streaming platforms soon.

Get the track on Bandcamp now: