It’s time for an update about the project. Here you will find info about some things I am currently busy with.


New Music

There are several awesome releases in the pipeline. Here is a quick overview. (This is the current plan which might be subject to changes)

  • Future Ancient Rituals feat XIII MONKEYS, GROARK, AND PSYCHNOIZE (Album)


ICEPICK (200 Bpm) is one of the most requested tracks by Parandroid. This lightning beam of a track will hit the shelves in early October.

It’s a cold day and drops are slowly crawling their way down icicles. The texture is slick. A dark bass sits in but you will be on a thrill ride through space in no time. Get ready for a psychedelic Trance Masterpiece by German Prodigy Parandroid.

The Giant Leap

parandroid the giuant learp preview graphic artwork

RƎBIRTH is the second Studio Album by German Producer and Artist Parandroid.
TGL represents the cutting edge of contemporary Hitech Trance featuring 10 previously unreleased weapon-grade tracks from the accomplished producer.
Each of those tracks is designed to take you to the next level.
Get Ready for a new sonic revelation by one of the Legends of Hitech Trance.

Update: The working Title of the Album has been changed to “RƎBIRTH”






Imagine you are in the deepest Amazonas. You wander for days and the jungle gets deeper and darker with every step. Suddenly you discover something reminiscent of an ancient stone path that leads you into a thick overgrowth of the jungle. Suddenly futuristic but somewhat sacral noises start to shimmer through the thick of the plants. Luminescent machines are melted with ancient murals. You discover 3 alien-like creatures that sit in front of an Ancient Futuristic Temple. They seem to be in a trance-like state while they interact with their advanced cutting-edge machinery. Those super-advanced Audio Shamans seem to be here for thousands of years. Developing unheard mind-altering music technology. Come closer – and they will teach you the truth of this Universe! They will show you the FUTURE ANCIENT RITUAL.

Parandroid Comunnity Discord

Community Building is one of the important missions that I recently embarked on. There is a brand new Parandroid Discord that is fastly growing. It’s a great place to meet and chill together as well as connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

You can join the discord by clicking this link:

Parandroid Patreon launch

Parandroid patreon png graphic logo branding brand

If you weant to stay up to date with the project and get direct access to Parandroid than this new Patreon is the way to go. You will be the first to get updates, special behind the scenes contact, coupon codes and more.


Click Here to get to the Parandroid Patreon:




Parandroid Book: A LIFE IN TRANCE

A few years back I started to undertake a huge effort in starting to write my book which has the working title “A LIFE IN TRANCE”. I recently published parts of chapter one (CAPTER ONE –  San Francisco). I am super happy about the great and overwhelmingly positive feedback for this project. If you want to find out about my personal experience as aglobe trotting Psychedelic Trance Artist feel free to read the first chapter here:

My Journey as an Artist: San Francisco (English Manuscript)