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As an artist, the most important thing for me is to deliver my art to as many brains out there as possible. This is a thing I utterly failed with over the past decade of dedicating my life to the craft of psychedelic music. While I am happy with all the music that has been released by me so far, unfortunately, a lot of my output never got released. The reason for this is simply myself. I tend to overcomplicate things and then in many cases tracks that are actual pieces of art end up on my hard drive instead of your ears, where they belong.

I am working hard on multiple releases once again. And as always it’s grandiose and overcomplicated. So I decided to fundamentally approach music releases differently from now on. The release Schedule will follow a simple rule: RELEASE WHEN READY

What this means is that from now on tracks will go out as singles as soon as they are ready. Distribution on all platforms including Spotify and other popular streaming platforms.

This will prohibit releases from getting old and keep you as a listener up to date with where the project actually stands.

New Releases

To get out all the new Music that was created (which is plenty) another thing that has to be done is the release of all previous work. Maybe you have already seen the new release of the track “THE SUBSTANCE” which indeed is an older track. Another recent release in the same vein is “MEGAMAN X2”. Those are not brand-new tracks but they reached the necessary quality standard to be released.

Another important point is what this will not mean:

I will not “flood” you with unnecessary or low-quality releases. You will get treated only to the best of hundreds of productions.

Here are some tracks that currently are in the pipeline:


The Rick and Morty Song

Starlight Express (Starlight Express EP)

CTRL+ALT+DELETE (Starlight Express EP)


Album re-releases

Many of the tracks released are for Albums or EPs. If a track gets released as a single prior to the release of the album it will get re-released on the Album.

Release Schedule:

  • ICEPICK 24.11.2022
  • The Omen | 256 bpm | 20.12.2022
  • I LOVE DMT [2-TRACK SINGLE] 30.12.2022
  • SALVIA 22.12.2022
  • ULTRA HEALING 24.12.2022
  • Fluro Baba 15.12.2022 
  • Welcome to Hyperspace – 24.12.2022

Get ready

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