Welcome to Hyperspace

Get ready for a ride through the multiverse with this new Hitech Psychedelic Trance release by Parandroid. This high-velocity thrill ride is conceptualized to propel you to Alpha Centaury where you will meet all kinds of auspicious entities of love and enlightenment. This is the perfect amalgamation of heavy psychedelic sound design and the innovative forward-leading storytelling of the project. It combines an acidic rhythm with soulful vocals and cutting-edge synths.

Hidden in the vault and unreleased to this day, this newly designed and upgraded space creature will see the light of day on the 24th of December 2022. So be sure to include it in your letter to Santa Claus this year.

Preorders for the track are now open and can be found here:

Parandroid – Welcome to Hyperspace [PREORDER]