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Ultra Healing is a track I have written after one of the best DMT trips of my life this year in Goa. I took DMT countless times in my life and had many nice experiences, but never had a DMT trip managed to have such a significant impact as this one. This track was written the day after the trip. Furthermore, this track was not written in any studio but in my jungle apartment in Siolim, Goa using nothing but two tiny Genelec Speakers and my endlessly sprawling mind to create this memory.

The inspiration for this track is born out of its fantastic moment. This was a moment full of life, human interaction, exploration, love, and adventure. Let the high times roll baby. My life so far has been a truly insane ride. Those experiences let me understand that even more. We live in a magnificent universe full of possibilities for true love and understanding and there is nothing more to do about it than to be grateful sometimes.

Release Date: 01.12.2022

Format: Single/24 Bit Lossless WAV

Distribution: Worldwide, Streaming Platforms, Bandcamp, Parandroid.net

Artwork: Samuel Zimmermann

Written and Produced by Samuel Zimmermann

Mastering: Samuel Zimmermann

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