To the point of no return




HIARETH is the first single from the new project by German prodigy Samuel Zimmermann. It will be released internationally on the 12th of May 2023.

Samuel is well known for his breakout trance project Parandroid. Parandroid comes with an impressive list of achievements and performed worldwide on all continents (except Antarctica). The project is generally regarded as one of the cornerstone projects in Hitech Psychedelic Trance globally.


The new project EVƏRNOISE breaks the usual formula of modern Trance by introducing an incredible amalgamation of styles. Hiareth is no exception to this. The track is an impressive melange of orchestral arrangements featuring guitars, Vocals, pianos as well as soul-shaking string ensembles to create something unheard yet incredibly beautiful. It tells the story of the transcendence of pain and bears as much light as dark as it`s inspiration.

The track was created under extreme conditions. Enduring heavy insomnia and with little energy but untamed will the composition of the piece was completed in one sitting. It is as ecstatic as it is somber, and as chilling as it is heartwarming, Hiareth is a reminder of the power of the human will. It is described by Samuel as an experience where he was witnessing himself as a tool for creation rather than the creator itself. A wise man once said “You got to let God come into your studio” and evidently that is what happened here.

The composition only has been polished, mixed, and mastered while preserving the full length and original vision of the musical piece.

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