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Parandroid project exists since 2008 and has since visited more than 30 countries worldwide Since it`s inception. with gigs on You can find Media, Photos, Interviews and all kinds of Information about the Project here.

PARANDROID is a Sonic experiment without Rules or Boundaries. The sound ranges from 150-190 Bpm with some exceptions into even faster realms but always focuses to offer a psychedelic journey that is experienced through the Trance Dance Ritual.

Parandroid has been active as a musician since 2008. After several releases on various artist compilations, the debut EP Metaprogram Language was released in 2011 by the Israeli label MANIAC PSYCHO PRO. In 2012, Parandroid was signed by the label Noise Poison Records. 2013 the track I LOVE LSD gets leaked and is until this day, one of the most played tracks in the Hitech Trance Subgenre.

The rest is history. Worldwide performances on festivals such as Universo Paralello (Brazil), Noise Poison Festival (Slovakia), Master of Puppets (Czech Republic), Atman (Sri Lanka), Indian Spirit(Germany), Maya(Brazil) and Antigravity(Australia) are only a few of the countless Festivals that book the young artist.

Parandroid`s music always has a strong focus on story and message. The music is distinctly psychedelic, intense, yet musical. Complex rhythmic and melodic structures meet acidistic Synthesizer sounds to form a spiritual trip like no other. The project has a wide range of influences that range from Acts like GMS, 1200 Micrograms, the artists from OSOM Records but also classical music from composers like Mozart. The main aim is to provide the listener with the opportunity to have a significant psychedelic encounter through a Trance-dance experience. Storytelling is frequently done through voice recordings with features of Joe Rogan, Allan Watts, Matthew Silver or with Samuel`s own voice.


2015 he starts the production of the debut double album “THE DAWN OF MAN” which was released at the beginning of 2019 by BLACK OUT RECORDS. The album was also sold as a limited edition DVD. This included not only the 20 previously unreleased tracks, but also bonus material such as interviews with Radiozora and Rui Correria, a number of photos, videos and an A3 poster of the artwork, which was drawn specifically for the album by the Italian artist SUBLIQUIDA.

In 2016 swiss based Label FREAK RECORDS releases the album BRAINBLASTER – Superstatic which was produced together with INSECTOR from KAMINO RECORDS. Apart from that many tracks get released by a plethora of Labels around the world including FREAK RECORDS, NOISE POISON, KAMINO RECORDS, LAMAT, AKASHIK among countless others.

Apart from his Project Parandroid, he is also the producer behind the projects XIII MONKEYS, HUMANINSTINCT, and BRAINBLASTER, which each represent yet a different approach to the creation of psychedelic music.


PARANDROID – The Dawn of Man

Double Album with 20 Tracks, Interviews, Bonus Artwork, A3 Poster. The by far biggest release by Parandroid so far.


This is a collaborative Album with the Hungarian producer INSECTOR from Kamino Records.


The Hitech Virus broke out in Brazil



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