I am not only a musician but also a visual artist.

Despite all the odds and unfinished school I got acepted to study on the academy of arts in munich.I actually allways new that i am gonna be an artist.Even so before i could truly comprehend what it means to be an artist.I remember that i had the wish to go to a art academy first when i was around 12 , again , not truly knowing what an art academy is or what it is like to study there.But i knew my Grandfather Rainer Küchenmeister was a painter and that he was also a professor on such an academy.i guess there is some connection there.For me music and art is like brother and sister.I will allways express mywself in many different ways ánd allways did.May it be Dance,acrobatics,painting and scupturing or writing music.

More works will be up here very soon