Samuel is doing art since he can remember and never did otherwise. After having an exciting childhood traveling the world (Portugal, France, Marocco, Germany ) he broke up with school early to achieve greatness in the arts. After boundary-breaking psychedelic exploration, while traveling, Samuel decides to contribute to the worldwide tribe.

In 2008 he is accepted by the Academy of Arts in Munich, despite the fact that he had never finished school they take him in for “outstanding artistical talent”.After dedicating almost his entire life to Visual Art he eventually began to produce electronic music during that particular period(2008). introduced into the world of composition and Synthesis by the experimental artist BURP(Simon Graf) he sets out on an exciting Journey of Aural and Sonic exploration.

Maya Festival

Music quickly becomes his main point of interest for the following years. In 2011 he gets approached by Peter Kubala aka COSMO who takes him into Noise Poison Records late 2012 while Samuel was having his first Mexico tour and a 3-month stay in San Francisco. His tour ends with a legendary Gig together with HIGHKO , PSYKOVSKY, and KDD amongst many others. Samuel represents the Label Noise Poison Records from 2012-2015. From this point on Samuels project is fastly gaining more n more recognition by the international psytrance scene with gigs all over the globe Mexico , India ,Costa Rica , San Francisco, Portugal ,Italy , Hungary ,Austria ,Guatemala, Switzerland,Sri Lanka Australia, Brazil and more) , several successful tours as well as a impressive selection of gigs and festivals in Europe .



Other Projects

upcoming tour datesIn November 2014 Samuel makes the first “INSTINCT PRODUCER WORKSHOP” which was held in a beautiful mansion near forests outside of Berlin and covers topics like “SYNTHESIS” “MIXING” as well as music theoretical themes like Intervals, chords and Scales.the workshop is held with 12 producers from all over the world (Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia) plus three dozen (Parandroid, Metahuman, and Amyg Dala) and some helpers for food and beverage. Just one month later he makes the follow up in Bavaria, this time fully equipped with F1 speakers. This Year the Instinct Workshop will be held in Leipzig in Germany and will be announced soon. Next, to his Solo project, Parandroid Samuel also founded the new project BrainBlasterz together with his dear brother in arms INSECTOR . The Brainblasterz Album is also scheduled for the year 2015 and will be released by the state of the art Production and record-label FREAK RECORDS based in Switzerland.