Humaninstinct is the Chillout project by Samuel Zimmermann. Samuel is an artist in the psychedelic field for all his adult life. During his studies on the academy of arts 2008 in Munich, he conceives the psychedelic Trance project PARANDROID. PARANDROID quickly gained international attention. What followed was ten years of intense traveling, with gigs in more than 30 countries spread all over the globe. In 2017 Samuel creates the Chillout/Ambient project Humaninstinct to reflect his expanding musical interests.

The project focuses on slow arrangements with intense musical qualities and is designed to offer a relaxed psychedelic experience that is as much intellectually stimulating as much as it is for the Body. Humaninstinct also collaborates with the german guitar player Alexander Strenge, who is open to travel with the project. The project has also a heavy emphasis on actual live performance, with live Synth, Vocal and instrumental implementations during performances.