Samuel is currently working on 2 new projects aside Parandroid.

One is the psychedelic trance Project taht is for now simply called “OZ”.That is more of a working title.54 minutes of music is ready for this project.The bpm range is VERY different from Parandroid.OZ is around 135-145 Bpm.There is only one early version of the track “New York dreaming” online on soundcloud.The rest of the tunes will be released as the Solo of that project and it is expected to see first performances of OZ in the year 2017.The aim is to create a intense experience for a wider audience while still keeping the core values of real psychedelic music alive.

XIII Monkeys

Another project in the works is the more gloomy psytrance project XIII MONKEYS.It futures the signature futuristic touch of Samuels high tech music but yet again in another Bpm range.The Bpm Range of this project is 145-150.Just listen to the single demo that is Online here if you want.Multiple tracks are in the works and it is probably possibly to see this project debuting in the Festive season of 2017 in Europe.