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India Tour

Evernoise, Parandroid, XIII MONKEYS


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Parandroid, Evernoise and XIII Monkeys is slated to perform in India in June

June 2th – July 4th, 2023

Full Bolenath Tour 2023

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America Tour - The Returnal

America Tour – Parandroid is finally back in America in November

Novermber-December 2023

Returnal Tour (USA)

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EVERNOISE is a new breed of new-age music that combines different genres into something fantastic and new. With his experience as a producer, Parandroid has crafted a sound that is fresh and innovative, yet deeply rooted in his love of music.

November 2023

2:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.


Since 2008, the name Parandroid has been synonymous with trance music. Traveling all over the world and playing at some of the most prestigious festivals like Atman Festival, Maya Festival, Universo Paralello, and Masters of Puppets, he’s an experienced producer who knows how to rock a crowd.

Now, he’s embarking on a new musical journey with EVERNOISE. This project combines electronic beats with influences from his childhood, like grunge and a little bit of rap and hip-hop, as well as his fascination with classical music.

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