This is the free demo of my newest Virus TI Patch Library!

Countless of hours have been spent to create this 128 preset big library for your Virus TI.

During the process i came up with a lot of new stuff.It was a lot of (interesting) work to create this and i am so happy to have this massive project finally finished and ready for you to present.

Again you have a wide variety of presets in this pack.The sound range from Movie FX sounds like drops to leads and atmos , pads , strings , basses , percussve patches , arps.The list goes on.Those patches are not just patches that i made during my normal production.the patches are all designed and thought through , with complex yet senseful modulations.Each of the patches has also Softknobs set up so that you can see the most important parameters at once.This also will help you reverse engineer the Presets to identify the important functions behind the timbre of those patches.

I am happy to present you the essence of my knowledge about synthesis with Access Virus TI!It is my favorite synth for years and over time it became a part of me and a extension of my brain.This library is by all means a manifest of my knowledge and love for this marvelous piece of hardware.

Please feel free to check my first Preset Library here


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