186 High-Quality Samples from the new Signature Virus TI Release by PARANDROID. Includes FX, Risers, Arps, Drops, One-Shots and more Of course in uncompressed lossless WAV Quality

There are tons of Sample Libraries out on the market. But most of them are not suited for Psychedelic Trance and Hitech Productions of today. They are built with a different mindset and for a different audience of music producers. These Samples are made with Trance Music in mind and are highly psychedelic, unique, and of the highest quality. All samples have signatures as follow:
  1. Tonal (Root Note)
  2. BPM (Speed)
  3. Type (i.e One-Shot, Longshot, Arp, Bass etc.)

This will help you to place any of the sounds properly in your tracks, even Arps, and other rhythmic elements. Everything is marked and named properly. Furthermore, the folder structure will help you to find exactly the sound you need when you need it.

The brand new signature sample library by PARANDROID.

To Download the Bank buy this product for 0€ and receive the download link for the WAV files. Instant delivery.

The Samples are sorted into a comprehensive folder structure for maximum ease of use. This is the most complete Sample Library by German Artist and Producer Samuel Zimmermann aka PARANDROID.

Furthermore, samples that are rhythmic or tonal are marked with their respective root note and BPM. This makes using the samples for various projects easy.

This sample library Includes:
  • 18 Arps 
  • 23 Bass Sounds
  • 21 EFX Sounds
  • 21 FM LEADS
  • 26 FM One-Shots
  • 16 Leads
  • 53 Synth and FX One-Shots
  • 6 Uplifter Sounds

If you own an Access Virus TI head over to the Preset Library release of all sounds featured in this Sample Library:

PARANDROID ACCESS VIRUS TI PRESETS 2K20 – 64 State of the Art Presets


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