Virus TI Preset Bank pack by Parandroid (128 Patches)


This bank contains a multitude of different patches. You will find amongst many other types of sounds for example:

  • FX sounds
  • Leads
  • Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Wavetable based FX and Leads
  • Uplifter/Riser/Sweeps
  • Squelches and Acid Sounds
  • Classical Mono Leads
  • Bells/Pads/

All Patches have categories for maximum ease of use. Each patch has also modulations set to the three softknobs of the Virus. They are easy to handle and you can check the modulation matrix for the most crucial parameters there to implement them into your own work.



Virus TI Preset Bank by Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid

The essential brand new patch library by Samuel Zimmermann aka Parandroid!

Many hours went into this massive collection of various sounds. All sounds are categorized and with premade Soft knob Modulations for easy understanding and reverse engineering of the sounds.

The legendary first release of presets by Parandroid still stands strong. This is the essential preset library. Already used by hundreds of producers worldwide, this is the preset library that put Parandroid on the map as a Sound Designer. If you are looking to buy presets from Parandroid, this is an awesome starting point. The original release contains the essence of Parandroid`s skill and finesses when it comes to designing sounds.

This is a massive pack for your Virus and contains 128 original sounds by Parandroid.



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