Virus Ti Presets: Onimusha FX Library (2019)


Quick overview Onimusha FX Pack:

Parandroid and proudly present a brand new Access Virus TI Library with 32 Presets. Mostly FX sounds but you will also find pads, atmos, leads, and more.

Produced by Parandroid as always with soft knob modulation and categories for ease of use and reverse engineering.


Virus TI Presets by German Music Producer PARANDROID aka Samuel Zimmermann.

Onimusha Virus Ti Presets Description: 

The Virus TI Synthesizer is a Hardware Synth made by the German manufacturer Access Music and is one of the most beloved virtual analog synths in the world. Those Virus Ti presets are made especially for the use in Psychedelic Music such as Darkpsy, Hitech, Zenonesque, Forest, or other psychedelic Trance Genres.


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