Side Projects

Parandroid is not my only project. On this page, you can find out more about my collaborative projects and other approaches to music.











The project is in the Bpm range of 140-150 Bpm with a strong emphasis on Organic Patterns combined with state of the art production and musical storytelling. The project released an on OMVEDA RECORDS called “Psychedelic Renaissance” and had performances in Europe, India, Australia, Nepal, and Brazil. Samuel is currently working on his second EP that is being scheduled for release end of 2019.


Brainblasters is the joint venture between Samuel(Parandroid) and Balasz(Insector).

Both projects come with a massive background and stage as well as studio experience.

The Full-length Album “SUPERSTATIC” is out now. (Released by Freak Records)


This Solo project from Samuel focuses on the slower range of psytrance music.The tracks will usually range from 135-145 bpm.

Check out the demo on soundcloud.The Album “Tales of Oz” is currently in the final stage of production and will be relesed soon.